Location and Geography

Penang is geologically divided into two regions: Penang Island in Malay, an isle of 293 km2 situated in the Strait of Malacca and famous Seberang Perai: a contracted neighborhood of 753 km2 on the peninsula over a narrow conduit whose smallest breadth is 4 km. It is flanked by Kedah in the direction of east and north (divided by Muda River), and Perak in the direction of south. The overall body or composition of water between Seberang Perai and Penang Island consists of the prominent North Channel to north of George Town and famous South Channel in the direction of south.

Background Facts

Penang Island is erratically shaped, with a hilly, granitic and generally forested internal. The coastal plains are considered to be narrow, the most widespread of which is in the direction of northeast. Moreover, the island can be divided into five regions: the north-eastern plains that shape a triangular promontory where capital is located. This densely inhabited inner metropolis is the administrative, business, and cultural midpoint of Penang.

The southeast region, once comprising rice fields and massive mangroves, has been totally transformed into novel townships and industrial regions. The northwest region comprises a coastal border of sandy beaches flanked with resort residences and hotels. The southwest region contains only big pockets of scenic landscape with fishing villages, mangroves and fruit orchards.

Important Places

The mid hill range, with the apex point being Western Hill at 830 metres over the sea level, is a significant forested catchment region. The landscape of Seberang Perai, involving more than half of the region of Penang, is generally flat for Bukit Mertajam, the term of the hill and the eponymous settlement at its foot. It has an extended coastline, the bulk of which is bordered with massive mangroves.

Butterworth, the major settlement in Seberang Perai actually lies along Perai River and tends to face George Town at a short distance of 3 km across the conduit in the direction of east. In general, mainland or Seberang Perai might be distinguished into 3 districts: Central Seberang Perai region, Northern Seberang Perai area and Southern Seberang Perai region. Due to the scarcity of land for general development in Penang, some land reclamation projects have been taken to provide appropriate low-lying land in high demand regions like the Jeluting, Tanjung Tokong (construction of main Jelutong highway) and Queensbay.

The projects have been associated in the alteration of tidal stream along coastal regions of Penang Island and these were proposed to have caused silting of popular Gurney Drive after Tanjung Tokong renovation. Penang, one of the Malay’s 13 states is categorized as the “Pearl of Orient” in the Malaysian Peninsula.

More Attractions

Penang is actually derived from the neighboring term “Pinang,” which denotes betel nut. Thousands of travelers and tourists visit Penang to observe its unique legacy in culture and magnificent sceneries. The most admired Penang attractions are certainly Georgetown Attractions. It is very rich in Penang’s local embroidery culture. Moreover, this is Penang’s capital metropolis where you can easily visit the renowned Art Gallery and Penang State Museum.

This museum has Penang’s local legacy dating back to early years. Travelers and tourists can easily see a large compilation of photos, maps, documents, costumes, antique pieces and other prominent historical relics. In Georgetown City, you can also observe the famous Cheong Fatt Tze manor, Khoo Kongsi, Fort Cornwallis, Kek Lok Si shrine, and St. George’s Church amongst several others. Furthermore, Batu Ferringhi is also among the preferred Penang’s attractions.


On the other hand, Teluk Bahang, its adjacent city boasts of wonderful nature-based sights to explore. Penang’s Batik Factory, Cultural Centre and Yahong Art Gallery are few of the distinguished places to visit and explore along with your family members and friends. At the same time, Tanjung Bungah has the wonderful Floating Mosque and striking Toy Museum. Floating Mosque or even called Masjid Terapung was recently built in the year 2004 as a substitute for a mosque that was destroyed by a massive tsunami. It must be noted that this is the primary mosque in the nation, which was made on the sea.

Toy Museum has more than 100, 000 different kinds of toys, collectibles and wonderful figurines. The museum is hailed as the biggest toy museum in the entire world. Bayan Leaps is also a Penang must-see tourist attraction; it has the wonderful War Museum that depicts Malaysia’s rich past and war narrations. Gurney Drive is one of Penang’s delights and it has 2 very extraordinary and gorgeous temples, the Dharmikarama and the impressive Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram. Way Chaiya Mangkalaram is actually a prominent Thai shrine, which is abode to the famous Reclining Buddha Statue.

On the other hand, Dharmikarama Temple is an impressive Burmese sanctuary, which is Penang’s primary Burmese temple. Penang Island also has gorgeous beaches and majestic Virgin Islands on the northern region of the island. The region has also taken full care to conserve its nature, which makes it perfect for those who look for nature trips on their vacations.

Really, Penang is only one region of Malaysia which actually holds true to its standing of being a nation with rich cultural legacy and gorgeous tourist spots. Penang Island in Malaysia is also recognized as “The Pearl of Orient “and has been a preferred destination for foreign and local tourists. Recently designated as the 2nd best destination amongst the 45 Places to Go in the year 2009 by New York Times, Penang Island is actually never short of fabulous food, incredible beautiful and cultures.


Here are some suggestions you should not miss when you visit Penang Island: explore the Walking Tour of famous George Town. It is actually UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The town in Penang Island is acknowledged by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. On the other hand, it is one of “momentous cities of the Strait of Malacca”, and the other being, Malacca. Explore the admired attractions such as the Fort Cornwallis, The City Hall, Cheong Fatt Tze Manor, Queen Victoria Diamond Clock Tower, just to denote a few to witness regal buildings from the British period.