Things To Do


Penang in Malaysia has actually been recognized as among the Southeast Asia’s best destinations for several years now. Aptly named as “Pearl of the Orient”, it offers amazing cultural legacy and sundry population which cannot be explored anywhere else all over the world. In general, it is an enormous place all by itself and tourists find this small destination full of attractive things to do and several places to explore on foot.

Moreover, here are some suggested things you should do while exploring Penang. Just climb Penang Hill: your journey to Penang should comprise Penang Hill. This admired tourist spot is recognized as Bukit Bendera, denoting to its developed crest, the Flagstaff Hill. The most suggested way up to Penang mount is via Penang Hill Railway. Moreover, this is a funicular type of railway that will actually bring passengers all the way to Flagstaff Hill. The train leaves every 20 minutes interval and takes 80 passengers per journey.


Penang Hill is accessible by 4×4 automobiles via the “jeep track” that is a tarred road commonly utilized by residents of the mountain. There are trails that you can follow like the Moongate trail, track from Hye Keat Estate and route from Itam Dam to Tiger Hill and one approaching from municipality square. From Penang Gardens, it will usually take 3 hours to arrive at the top of mountain by foot.

You can easily shop at Batu Ferringhi Bazaar: this bazaar is a nightly event in Batu Ferrunghi beginning from 7pm until 1 in the morning. After the sun sets, the entire stretch of Batu Ferringi is altered into a night marketplace certainly worth checking out. Customers will find more than 1000 shopping stalls in Batu Ferringhi that are lined close to the main road. Shopping enthusiasts will definitely have a high time exploring different goods extending from clothes to shoes and everything else.


Take pleasure in food and wonderful sight at Gurney Drive: it is famous for mouthwatering cuisine. Apart from food, this road is popular by having the finest sight of the sunset. Outside Georgetown City, the drive faces Sea of Penang, really a relaxing occurrence and quite satisfying to the stomach. Dinners are served in this part of city where the majority of hawker stalls tend to open at 6pm.

You can find something to gratify the palate. Top 3 suggested dishes to explore are: Hokkien Mee, Char Keow Teow and even Asam Laksa. You will find Gurney Shopping Center at Gurney Drive. It is one of the renowned shopping locations in Penang. You will discover popular Malaysian and even foreign brands here.

Shopping Points

Be a great shopaholic: with diverse shopping centers at Penang Island, you will certainly never run out of different options. Penang Island is measured as the largest shopping destination in the north part of Malaysia with enormous department stores and extravagant shopping malls around the island. On the other hand, Queensbay Shopping Mall at Bayan Lepas is the biggest and extensive shopping mall having more than 400 international and local shops. Gurney Plaza has the largest Cineplex in the northern part of Malaysia. Pranglin Plaza is renowned for local finds.

Take pleasure in stunning 360 view of Penang Island from Komtar: throughout your visit to Komtar, go to 60th floor to take pleasure in the charming 360 view of Penang Island. Komtar is the highest building in Penang Island and proved to be a significant milestone for the region. This building has government offices, hotels, shopping complexes, and exhibition centers. Take a boat from Butterworth: A boat ride from Butterworth is certainly hard to miss as this is the main entry to Penang Island. All boat rides to Penang actually come from Butterworth terminal and offer a great photo chance for travelers having a magnificent background. The boats operate 24 hours a day.

Historical Buildings

Take a fabulous Georgetown Heritage Walk: Penang island journey is more or less equal to Georgetown Heritage Walk. The walk features century-old, chronological sites and religious shrines from different faiths. It is situated at the north-eastern side of Penang. Some of its famed attractions are certainly the Fort Cornwallis, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang Islamic Museum and Queen Victoria Tower.

Enjoy vibrant nightlife in Upper Penang: your entire day in Penang is not over after sunset, check the Georgetown’s vibrant nightlife in upper Penang with live music, bands and DJs. Karaoke is an admired activity, aside from plain chilling and dancing. Bring your friends for dancing, singing and even drinking till wee hours of sunrise! Moreover, Cross Penang Bridge, the biggest in the world: the bridge is actually Asia’s longest bridge. It offers a stunning view of Penang Island.

This bridge is really the joy and pride of Penang and a nationwide landmark. It is a standing representation of Penang’s financial development. Penang Bridge is home to yearly Penang Bridge Marathon. Explore the biggest Buddhist Temple: The Buddhist shrine of Kek Lok Si is located in Ait Itam. It is the biggest Buddhist shrine in Malaysia. Kek Lok Si sanctuary is home to sequence of monasteries, temples, prayer halls, and delightfully landscaped gardens. It is among the best known temples in Penang Island, Malaysia.

Meet the famous Francis Light at the wonderful Fort Cornwallis: explore the chronological Fort Cornwallis and assemble at the effigy of Francis Light. This ancient star-shaped fort is situated at the north-eastern shoreline of Penang and the oldest of 3 lighthouses in the region. Fort Cornwallis also has the Seri Rambai Cannon.


Visit close Islands: minute islands surrounding Penang Island are also worth-looking. Pulau Aman or Peace Island is a small isle that has the conventional Malay village. Other islets include Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tioman, and Pulau Babi Besar. Though, there is limited detail about these close islands, a local traveler guide can assist you find them. Penang Island in Malaysia is a fabulous place to visit owing to its approximately side-by-side tourist spots and travelers will not run out of different wonderful things to do.