Chai tao kway is actually a widespread dish of Malaysia and Singapore. This dish is known by the term “fried carrot cake” or just “carrot cake” in south-east Asian nations. Individuals misunderstood that there is correlation between the dish and sugary carrot cake that is generally eaten as a desert. The dish is composed of rice flour and white daikon.

Traditional Cuisine

In Malaysia, it is generally served with rectangular slabs that are initially first steamed and then fried. There are several editions of Chai tao kway that is prepared by daikon cake and is usually served with chopped garlic, preserved radish, eggs, Chinese fish in place of soya sauce. However, before serving, spring onions are included to add savor to the dish. In the north like in Kuala Lampur, this dish is usually darker in color due to the use of dark soya sauce and bean sprouts.

Owing to the dark account, this dish is recognized by the name “char kway”. The dish utilizes rice fried cake along with eggs, garlic, bean sprout and thick sugary sauce. Chai Tow Kway actually has a Singaporian description and is extensively eaten in Malaysia. The food description of Cantonese method Loh Bak Koh can be easily found at local restaurants and hence makes the dish worth eating.

The triumph cake is trouble-free to make and people favor making it at house. The fried reddish cake is actually served in sweet and sour juice and it is sufficient to make you pleased. Since Penang Island is a major tourist spot in Malaysia, there are several brand-name hotels in the region. The high-end hotels charge more than hundred dollars every night, and if you are on a tight budget, this spells doom.

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Popular Food

The reason owing to which it is identified as carrot cake is not that it has carrot; instead chopped radish that makes this dish worth-eating. Reddish is known as Hokkien in Chinese language and Ang chai tow signifies reddish carrot, hence got the term carrot cake. Firstly, the reddish cake is made and then combined with cooked and conserved reddish. Then the mixture is steamed and fried in oil. Dried shallots and shrimps are fried in pan with cake. When ready it is served with some garnishing. If you appreciate the white carrot cake, then do not add black sweet sauce.

Topping of this dish can be made in a different way that is with onion rather than traditional coriander. Taro and flour are also utilized for making the substitute versions of the dish. The form of the cake actually depends upon the person who is making it and can be easily made whenever you like. The best aspect about Malaysian foodstuff is that it is not only admired amongst the natives but all across the world.

Famous Dishes

The travelers visiting Malaysia will love to have conventional food of this destination. One of the famous dishes of Malaysia is actually Acar. It is a delightful salad that is generally made in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It is made from various vegetables like the yard long beans, cabbage and carrots. These vegetables are first pickled and then dried in vinegar and chilies. Then they are tossed with grounded peanuts.

The dish is effortless to make and can be easily served readily. There are diverse variations of acar salad like the Malay acar and even Nyonya acar. Nyona acar is generally identified as Acar Awak and it is considered a more elaborate dish containing diverse vegetables like the eggplants and fragrant spices pickled in vinegar. The dish is generally served as a hors d’oeuvre or as a condiment to be consumed with main course.


Moreover, Indonesians prepare acar in a slight diverse way. Small chunks of carrot, cucumber, pineapple, shallot marinated in sweet sugary and sour vinegar solution are added. Ginger and lemongrass are also included to increase the taste.

This salad is added in a particular Thai dish where it is recognized as ACHAT. It is served with red chilies, shallots, vinegar, red onions, salt and sugar. In Thai Cuisine the dish is served as a side food. As the salad has the pickle, afterwards when it is cooled it gives its complete taste.

This can be easily stored as long as you wish whether in an air-tight container or in refrigerator and serve whenever you feel like. As vinegar acts as a preserving agent, hence it can be easily stored as long as you wish without the need to worry about anything. The salad can be easily made sour by including the vinegar accordingly. Moreover, pineapple can be easily added to make it tastier. At the same time, Acar salad is normally prepared by Chinese, Malay, and Indians.

As the savor of each area is diverse, it is also noticed in their salad. People normally prefer having salad with their standard course of food. In restaurants and hotels, salads and their diversity are the most pleasing factors. The flavor of these salads varies as per the culture of the region.

The significance of salads in a diet cannot be easily ignored. These are very low in calories and too low to be a full meal. All the basic ingredients of acar salad are in fact rich in nutrients and vigorous. The freshness, brittleness and flavor of this salad are tempting. The triumph and letdown of any salad does not simply depend on the included ingredients but on the method its dressing is made. Acar is a full blend of best ingredients and an ideal dressing. Malay just loves it and it is one of the admired items that are actually served with their regular meals.